Self-programming on a device or using an inexperienced DJ can be catastrophic.  

There's no way to imagine in advance the flow of the evening and the energy in the room.

That's what a skilled human is for.  Ninety-nine percent of weddings are intergenerational things.  You shouldn't alienate half the guests.  

There's a really hip middle ground, and you have to trust your DJ.
Remember, you're not looking for a "wedding dj."  You're looking for a great DJ who has experience doing weddings.

There's a massive difference!

So. What type of party do you want to have for the wedding?

Copeland DJ makes the party planning fun, simple and easy for you to do.  

Exclusive reception planning guides designed and modified by our team of event professional.

Unique music tools that educate you.  We work together to create the perfect soundtrack of your special day.

Online planning that can be done from home, work, cottage, train or car (as a passenger please).

Plan from your home PC, tablet, phone or even you're smart tv.

We can work with clients from all over the world.
Your party will be as unique as you both.  Planning together is essential to the perfect party.

 Our unique software matches the DJ to you by using the online profile you fill in with a mix of you're music selections.

We do all the reminders.  There is absolutely nothing for you to remember.

Did we mention the planning is fun and simple?

What do we have to offer

Experienced Planning Professionals

Our team of event professionals notices trends and changes in planning faster than many other companies.  We pass these changes onto you and explain how they could affect your party.

The Most Up-to-​date Music & Planning Tools

Being up to date with your music now a days is easy.  Many Djs however download music from the Net and profit from stolen music.  We are licenced by CONNECT and pay yearly fees to use our music.  This is different than SOCAN.  Here is a great link that explains things.


Our music is updated weekly and our team of DJs will always have the latest hits in any genre of music.  We also have exclusive DJ only Mashups.


Our planning tools are designed and are serviced by us.  When we see a change in things, we update our planners.

Uniquely Skilled & Positive DJ Personalities

A positive attitude along with energy and a smile go a long way.  Our DJs take pride in the work they do.  How many people do you know actually get paid to party?

Exclusive DJ Technology and Sound 

We officially have the most cutting edge DJ technology in North America.  Many DJs have moved to laptops and table top players.  We have taken that a step further by wowing the marketing people of our suppliers.  Our DJs love it!

Our DJs are all equipped with Chromebooks and have a network meet setup every night there are events.  Its a fantastic tool.  Its like having 10 DJs at your party.  

Our sound is second to none.  100% digital, Bluetooth and Wireless.

Business Focus and Customer Experience

Since all we do is music, we are 100% a Party Entertainment Group.   Full time office staff and event planners.  

Cookie cutter packages don't work for everyone and every party is unique so no event is ever the same.
Our tried and true method of party planning ensures that the details are executed as discussed.

Events success is based on everyones involvement in the planning process and execution.  Details are key.

If you ever have a single doubt or are hesitant, the owner of the company will be happy to discuss your needs before you book with us.
No Sales People.  No High Pressure Sales.  

Happy Wife.  Happy Life.  Happy Clients Matter.

We have thousands of happy, maybe even ecstatic clients.  We thrive on repeat business and referrals.
Our DJ professionals aim to exceed you're expectations.  A smile along with a great big hug is the best thank you we recieve.


Every party has a story. 

Why Copeland DJ

Massive Music Catalogue

Each DJ carries over 30,000 song titles to each party.  Classics from yesterday to the floor fillers of today.

We have exclusive DJ only mashups, Club remixes and a large selection of international music selections.

You can let us know what style of mixing you would like and what type of flow you are looking for.

You can always supply music we dont have.

Take control of your guests requests with IGR​! 

Lighting & Decor Options

Transform your party with lights.  Uplighting can make a room "POP".

This can be done by highlighting unique features of a room, lighting the head table area only, projecting your names on the floor or wall or turn your party into a night club.

There are many color options and lighting is multi-use.  Dinner has a solid color you choose and then it goes to the beat of the music when the party starts.

A Team With A Passion For Music

Lucky for us, we have compiled a team of people with a passion for all types of music.

Although you won't see us dancing at your party, we will be feeling the vibe of the party.  

Planning details are important to this process as we want the DJ to have fun too.

If they are having fun, you will too.

Our DJ professionals perform on average 40 parties a year each.