Welcome to the school page

This is a page of instructional whiteboard videos.  

Introduction to the planning area.

This video explains what you are looking at when you login to your secure planning area.


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Planning Together

The most important question you will hear from us is...Did you do the planning together?

How to use the planning form

The planning form is very easy to use, but this slightly long tutorial will make you feel at ease.


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myJAMS music requests

WHAT!  I only get to request 28 songs!  This is a great explaination of how it all works out!


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Whats a memory jogger for

What is this?  Why the text so small?  What do you use this for?

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IGR Interactive guest requests

An instructional video about how to use our IGR system and make requests.

Music Planning Tools on our Site.

So many music tools to use on the site.  Where do I start!  You start here.  

How to edit and view guest requests

Your guests are making requests online and you are very nervous!  Its ok.  You can edit them.


more videos coming soon