Elegant Extras

There are so many options to personalize your party beyond the music!

LED Up Lighting

Any room can be brought to life with color.  Any size room.  Something simple to a head table, enterance, tables to the entire room.

Intelligent Club Lighting

Moving heads programmed to the beat of the music!  Moving around the room putting a club feel in any room.

Custom Monograms

There is no better way to make your party unique than projecting your names, monogram or a photo on the wall with light.

Dry Ice - Dancing in a Cloud

You are already on cloud 9.  Why not take it to the next step.  With Dry Ice, not fog, we can have you dancing in a cloud in seconds.

Ambient Decor

We can project flowers, birds, trees, snow flakes, stars, planets, cartoon characters or whatever you like on a wall, floor or ceiling.

Video Dance

Not everyone dances but almost everyone watches TV.  A video dance brings the best of yesterday and todays music together.

TV Monitors

Video projection systems are costly and take up a lot of space.  TV monitors can run media like videos and photos easily in small spaces.

Sound for Musicians

We can provide sound for musicians.  Its best if its a smaller group so that there is not alot of sound equipment.  May be a small charge.  


We just happen to be associated with the best photobooth in Ontario.  RockStar! Photobooths has teamed up with us.