Holiday Parties

Being politically correct about what the party is.  Its a year end celebration.  Its a chance to get together and have some fun.  

Its a chance for spouses to meet co-workers and simply get out of the house.

Organizing a Holiday party for the company or family and friends can be stressful.  With everything else going on ramping up to the holidays and years ends coming oh so close... you don't really have time to look after all the details.  When it comes to music.  Simply trust it to a professional and use our Interactive Guest Request system.

We know holiday parties need a few more slow songs than normal. We know that people tend to dance to one style of music and sometimes djs get hooked on playing for those few and the party goes sideways.  Guest request cards on the table and using our IGR system where people can request music in advance is a couple of keys to success.

New Years Eve Parties

Its the best party night of the year.  What else needs to be said.

The music has to be perfect on one of the best party nights of the year.  Sure there is a bit of a premium for entertainment on new years eve but the best DJs are on fire this night of the year.  Going over many decades of music is a blast for a DJ.  We can start in any decade and play a musical history of the past party hits.