With the current state of things we are taking proactive measures with our clients.  Understanding that alot of time and effort has gone into planning you're event we want to set you minds at ease.  All of us at Copeland DJ want a happy, fun and healthy group to party with and I am sure that you want the same.
If you are considering rescheduling the party we will NOT be charging any added fees to change.  We will move the event to the new date you schedule and all will remain the same as best we can. This includes you moving to a date in 2021.
We may not be able to guarantee a specific DJ but we will do our best.  If you change TO new years eve, we may not be able to accomodate the change or there would be a higher fee because the djs get paid more that evening.


  • All your planning will remain active.


  • All our offers will be extended to you.


  • A new agreement will be issued to you that we will need you to sign for us.

If you are changing venues, your event planner may change but we will do our best to keep him working with you.  The only reason we would change would be because of workload.  Our goal, as you have likely already noticed, is to make the music planning fun and easy for you.  We do not want you to have to be worried about anything with us.  We are a financially stable business and have been here for many many years and look forward to continuing this.
Our team is working from home and will be as receptive to your questions and inquires as possible.  The best way to contact us us text or whats app.

Cancellations. If you should choose to cancel the event with us, our deposits are non refundable but transferable.  You can give the deposit to someone else or use it for another event.  If you have paid more than our requested deposit...the balance will be refunded to you.