We have a history

Yes most of have used vinyl.  Established in 1982 we have seen major changes in music and technology.  The biggest change is how organized, timed and personalized parties are.  No playlists.

No standards.

Our tech

The DJ uses digital technology for music playback, speakers are wireless or bluetooth and communicate with chromebooks.  Clients login on their phones and tablets from anywhere and anytime they want.

Our philosophy

Music is personal, historical and emotional.  When a song plays, you know where you were and what you were doing at a specific time in your life.  Weddings & Births are the only things that match it.

Our vision

Every party has to be different.  

People are different.  Cultures are different.  Music is different.

Uniqueness is what we strive for in working with clients to plan a successful and personal event. 


So many options to enhance your party.

Club lighting.

Your name on a wall.


Dancing in a cloud.

Projecting images.

Live music.

What will you do to personalize your party.


Every event is different.   We never play the same party twice.  Clients have a huge say in the music and our DJs use their suggestions to build the party.
If you've been to one of our parties...your party will be different.